Me & Joel

Joel and I have a very interesting story…

Once upon a time, there was a girl…

And life was…great. She had a relationship with God, a lead role in a ballet, a best friend, a decent job, and produced an okay college report card.

One day, she went to church. It was the usual Sunday summer night-warm and breezy. The church service went smoothly, and everyone acted their usual selves. She and her friends went to the local BJ’s for some pizza, and a guy sat by her. She had seen him before at other hang-outs. His name was Joel-something. All she gathered from sitting by him was that he enjoyed oatmeal pizukies.

And then, later that night, after she had tucked herself in bed and closed her eyes to sleep…

it hit her.

It felt like her gut had been punched in the stomach, and all the insides roiled in protest.

The blood drained from her face.

And she realized…

He is the one.

HUH? That guy who sat next to her? The guy she barely knew?

But there was no such thing as fate, or destiny, or mushy gushy love stories of “oooh he is the one for me.” In fact, girls who believed that stuff were to be pitied, made fun of, and laughed at.

In fact, she boasted of her practical and logical approach to relationships. There is fantasy, and then there is reality. They do not coincide.

So, she tried to maintain her grasp on reality, and bit her tongue, and pretended to ignore that forceful blow that rocked her heart and split her brain in two.

A month went by, and she couldn’t stop thinking about it…him…whatever. In fact, the more she tried to suppress her thoughts, the less she could forget about them! And every time he was in sight she froze in place, wondering, feeling awesome crazy for her illogical and irrevocable responses to him.

So, she decided to just give in and see what might happen, despite every logical protest in her mind.

She found out he liked her (“WHAT…oh my gosh…really? AH!”)

And then she found out he also wasn’t dating for seven months. (“WHAT…oh my gosh…really? Ughhhhh!”)

The first thing she thought was, “Suuuure. Well that’s about the oldest excuse in the book to turn a girl down.”

But then she realized he was being serious.

He made a commitment to not date for




Because he wanted to devote one year to deepen his relationship with God and recover from a long term relationship.


She laughed inside. Who does that?

But deep down, she knew this was the exact kind of man she wanted to be with.

And that he was worth waiting for.

So…she did!

I waited seven months for this guy, hoping and praying that I didn’t wait in vain.

And now we are engaged…

Crazy how things work out, eh?




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