Labor Day Weekend!

Hello all you beautiful readers!

This weekend was work work work for me! Yard House was suuuper busy, which was awesome, but it wiped me out! Completely.

I hadn’t seen Joel in like 4 days due to our work schedules, and being the awesome guy he is, wanted to surprise me on Monday with an all-day date. He said I had to choose either beach, or mountains. I was like, how can I choose between my two favorite places in the whole world??

After an agonizing debate in my head about whether I wanted sand or trees, I decided upon trees.

Here’s why:

Soooo Joel took me to Big Bear…but he wouldn’t tell me what we were going to do once we got there…

Of course, it rained. Which made me SO SO SO happy. Because water from the sky = beautiful clouds and cool weather. Two things I most ardently adore.

He took me on a walk around Big Bear Lake, about a 3.5 mile loop.

Because of the rain, all of these little brooks had been formed…

So pretty!

And then it started to rain…

Which was awesome! Running in the rain is so fun.

It was a great walk…I definitely needed a break from the heat!

After the walk, Joel took me to the Big Bear Zoo…

This place was AWESOME! It was never meant to be a zoo…it was a rescue shelter for animals on the mountain. Bears, mountain lions, birds…pretty much every animal you will find in California (besides seagulls 🙂 ).

We got there at the perfect time because five minutes after walking in, they announced that they were doing a feeding tour! So we got to have a guided tour through the zoo and watch the animals be fed.

I learned so much about wild animal rescue. Apparently many of these animals are rushed into the treatment center from BB gun wounds, arrow wounds, and gunshot wounds. The unfortunate thing is that many of them are endangered. There were two bald eagles who had been shot (one was made blind!) and now have to live in a cage forever. It’s the saddest thing! The tour guide said they do not want any animals in cages. The ONLY way the animal goes in a cage is if it cannot fend for itself in the wild anymore OR if it is a threat to humans.

Like these grizzly bears… three time offenders up in Yellowstone. All three of them were going to be put down (every animal has three strikes to hurt a human/show violence before being put down) until Harley Davidson called the rescue center and said they would sponsor food (they eat over 180 pounds of food per day!!!) and a “cage” for these bears so they wouldn’t have to die. Pretty cool if you ask me!

Right before winter they weigh over one ton! Right now they were between 800 and 900 pounds. SO BIG!! The pictures don’t capture their size or scari-ness. At one point the big guy walked right up to the gate (which was onle two feet away) and was trying to sniff me. I was FREAKING out!

Some of these animals were just so cool…these wolves were awesome.

And some others…

All in all, it was a great visit. I loved learning each of the animal’s stories! It made everything I hear about endangered animals very real.

If you want to sponsor this zoo or make a contribution (they are privately funded…NO funds come from the government!!) their website is:

Check it out!

After the awesome zoo date, Joel drove me over to Lake Arrowhead for an incredible glass of wine. He took me to BIN 189 (I forgot my camera!! How SILLY was I?) and we enjoyed this amazing pinot noir from Napa. Delish!!

Now, I’m on my break at work…eating a scrumptious sandwich and working on mailers and updating the youth group database…I bet you would NEVER guess how much work it is to run a fully-fledged church. SO MUCH. I’m just the receptionist and I am constantly working!

And of course, I will be finishing up my day with the very fresh and all-natural, gluten and dairy free monster madness by Bolthouse Farms 🙂

Cheers my friends!


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5 Responses to Labor Day Weekend!

  1. What a fun day! All the pictures are beautiful! I especially love the sixth pic down with all the yellow, are they flowers? Well, the yellow plants and the trees and the sky; the colors in the pic are just amazing! And your man, as if you didn’t know, he must be keeper 🙂

  2. What a fun date!!! My grandma actually lives up there by Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead… it’s so pretty! Your pictures are great.

  3. Tara says:

    Awww Joel is so sweet! That’s such a nice day. I love the mountains in the summer! All that animal rescue stuff is so interesting too. I mean, how can we let all these adorable animals die out!? Even if those bears can be scary up close… they’re too cute in the pictures to let go!

  4. Tiff says:

    What pretty pics! Looks like a good time to me!

  5. healthycollegegirl says:

    aww what a fun date!! he’s so sweet. and you two are seriously the cutest couple EVER!

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